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It’s difficult to see into the minds of employers and know what they’re looking for. We’ll make it a little clearer.

Have an Eye-Catching Resume

And, no, that doesn’t mean “add lots of color”…

  • Have your contact information clearly visible at the top of your resume.

    - If you are uncomfortable with giving your full address, just put the city you live in.

  • Make sure to highlight your education.

    - A Bachelor’s Degree is the first thing we look for in most positons.

  • Expand upon the past positions that you want employers to focus on.

    - If you are applying for an administrative assistant position, you should have more duties listed for past administrative positions than for past retail positions.

  • Keep the formatting consistent.

    - Resumes should be only one page.

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A confident interview makes you memorable.

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  • Speak slowly and clearly.

  • Give a firm (but not painful) handshake.

  • Make eye contact with your interviewer.

  • Maintain positive body language- no slouching!

  • Present a professional appearance.
    -In general, business dress is correct for an interview. Look the part of the job that you are looking to fill.

  • Be prepared to answer questions about your skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • Be prepared to talk about any gaps in employment found on your resume.

  • Remember, this is an interview: You should feel comfortable, but not too comfortable.